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Rocky Patel Connecticut Torpedo Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, August 14, 2009
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This 6.5×50 torpedo stick had a very soft supple wrapper showing the underlying leaves. Burn and draw were both excellent, with perfect performance all the way down. Flavors started out mild and grassy, progressing to a smooth creamy nutty flavor. Body was mild-medium with a very clean short finish offering a hint of spice on the tounge. Just over 1 hour to the band point, great for a morning smoke! Than you very much to Tinderbox.com for generously donating the stick for review!

  • Mike – KnightRid

    Great review. I like these sticks also in the morning! Great mild stick to start the day off right 😉


  • Dave

    One of my favorite smokes. This is the cigar I recommend to people just starting out, but other more experienced smokers will appreciate them as well. I have smoked a lot of these and they are always a lovely mild smoke.

  • docfender

    This stick is a major sleeper/player in the cigar world. The Robustos are very nice also.


    Brian, I had to dig for this review as I just had one of these in Robusto size and wanted your take on it, so thanks! I had one question for you as I don’t yet have the most refined palette yet. The first third you described is exactly as I experienced it, however the second third tasted only what I can define as “chemically” to me. Can you give me some insight into this? Am I off-base? Thanks in advance!

  • Hard to say, I don’t know if you had an issue with your sample, or perhaps it was getting too hot, or maybe it’s just your taste? About the only time I get that kind of taste is when a stick gets too hot, and I end it, usually thats around the band point. Each stick is different, how long it likes to be drawn and sit between them, for optimum burn quality and temperature. 1-2/min maximum is usually the norm.


    Thanks Brian. It must have been the sample. I usually take long slow draws to keep from overheating, and only take about 2 a min. I guess it will remain a mystery until I try another!

  • Rishi

    Review was accurate, I agree that it makes for an excellent morning smoke. My preference is the robusto and have not experienced any ash issues.

  • kain

    Brian do you know if this one is identical to the “Rocky Patel American Market” ? if there any difference but the names ?

    • No they do not make the same blends with different names. They might be similar though.

  • gsidebob


    Novice – been at this about 6 mos. and just followed along to see if I am understanding the “lingo” – your review of this helped a bunch – thanks.

  • pirateteaparty

    I had one of these a few days ago, nice and mild.

  • new2sticks

    The toro size in this line is my preference, and I still watch this when I smoke them. 4 years ago this August you posted this video, wow. Any thoughts on a 5 year anniversary Cigar Obsession herf or festival? Maybe Cigar Cave could host with some of the Florida based brands you’ve reviewed over the years?? Just a thought.

  • danzig777

    Just got some of these from my buddy, I cant wait to light em up soon.

  • Boston Fireguy

    I just finished my 2nd Rocky Connecticut Toro. I detected a slight sweetness to it which is great. Not Swisher Sweets sweet, but it was there from about the midway point on.. The too hot/too bitter point began closer to the nub than other inexpensive cigars. A nice, mild cigar. It’s a keeper.

  • blaugrana_poland

    Hi Guys!
    Do you know something about filler, binder and wrapper of this cigar??

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