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Rocky Patel Olde World Reserve Maduro Toro Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, July 31, 2009
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This 6.5×52 box pressed stick offered a silky smooth wrapper with perfect construction. Draw was loose, typical for a Rocky. Burn was excellent all the way down, also typical. Flavors changed in distinct sections, offering combinations of leather, spice, coffee, cocoa, oils, nuts and earthiness. Medium-full bodied overall, it intensified slightly as it went along. 1 1/2 hours to the band point where I stopped. These are available as factory seconds, called X-Out Liga C.

  • Krieg

    Nice review, I was thinking about smoking a RP I-Press tonight, but I think you just talked me into smoking one of my OWR.

  • Jérémie Plouffe

    Just smoked one today and watched your review. I find it packs a punch but what a flavorful stick, goes beautiful with a nice coffee. Definetaly will buy a box.

    Thanks for the review Bryan.

  • I still have a bunch going on a year old sitting somewhere – I love them with Baileys!

  • Chris

    This is probably my favorite stick! It’s amazing!!!

  • ColinFraser

    Very thorough; thanks. I just ordered some robustos and am looking forward to trying them out!

    I love the Irish Cream Suggestion!

  • Chris E

    I love this cigar!!! My personal favorite…so smooth and flavorful. The flavors are very distinct (chocolate, coffee, nuts, leather, a little pepper). They are actually very instructive for those trying develop their tasting palate. Haven’t seen it mentioned anywhere, but I get an interesting transition toward the end…not sure how to describe it other than a warm feeling that turns cool when I hold the smoke in my mouth (almost menthol-like without menthol flavor…very nice).

  • Greg Bellante

    Bryan; Your review of this absolutely decadent delicious cigar was spot right on, and i finally have a favorite in the R.P line of cigars. It was the 1st R.P that burned almost razor sharp and stayed lit almost 2min.at a time with-out going out. I experienced the same exact flavors you mentioned with the exception of a blast of spice upon taking the 1st draw. I would say this is the Best R.P cigar i’ve had it was perfect in every respect. It’s no wonder this is Rocky’s go to cigar.

  • Tim

    Great review… I find myself digging through your site for more. Totally agreed with your thoughts on this one.

  • Adam

    I smoked this today and for some reason entering the second third it just tunneled. The wrapper wouldn’t burn and after a bit it just burnt out… I relit it only for it to do the same thing… Any clue why this happened?

    • McGonigal0224

      I just smoked one for these for the first time and had the exact same experience.

  • barney

    great review, my favorite of the RP line, have a unopeded box of robustos that will be opeded very soon now, yum!

  • ryanmo45

    got a box on the way. love these and the decade. both the corojo and the maduro are great but maduro is best. lancero size on this one is the best.

  • Got a box of Maduro Toro on the way! Will let you know my impressions soon.

  • Just got my box today. Sad that I now only have 19 left!
    I am impressed. This was my fist Rocky. Paired it with a black colombian coffee, what an exquisite smoke.

    I also purchased another humidor which I am now seasoning. The Rocky’s will be going in there and am awaiting my box of Alec Bradley Black Market Churchill’s. These will be left to age (if I can control myself).

    I purchased these based on Bryan’s review as well as others. My wife even commented that the OWR smelled “nice”.

    The burn while not razor sharp presented no issues. Draw was very smooth.

    Price here in Canada was $10/stick ($200/box). thanks for your review.

  • SsgtJerikUSMC

    Still working my way through the reviews of the Rocky Patels. I need to pick one of these up, sounds like my kind of perfect stick!

  • DrakeXD

    Thanks for mentioning the name of the X-Outs version. I’m bidding on a box on cbid right now.

  • garlar10

    I think this is my my favorite rocky. I gotta get my hands on some of these factory seconds. Thanks Bryan!

  • EzyE77

    I just smoked (tried that is)one of these tonight. I was excited about the flavor profile. I couldn’t keep this thing lit to save my life. 30 seconds and it was almost out. I gave up before the second third. I hope it was just a bad stick, cause I still have 9 left. My Heartfelt beads are keeping the Humi at 70% so its not a humidification problem. I was excited to try this stick from the review, just hope the other 9 are not the same.

    • It may have been a dud, sure. Did you very recently get them? How long have them been acclimated in your humidor? You may find a lower RH to be better for them, not every cigar likes the same conditions.

      • Derek

        I’ve smoked about four of these and while the draw is perfect and the flavors amazing, none of mine would stay lit either. Also, each one had construction issues (e.g. loose cap, uneven burn, tunneling, etc.). I’ve tried different humidor settings and the cigars have been in it for nine months or so. I have several more and will try “dry boxing” them. They are wonderful smokes if you can keep ’em lit.

    • JJO

      Bryan’s right (Holy Crap… I’m agreeing with him?? lol, j/k). I’ve had over-humidified sticks come in that took months, and I mean like 3-6 months, to get to a smokable condition. I have found that most of the cigars I like prefer a humidity level of 65-68%. As per Bryan, I also recommend lowering your RH and putting them out of sight and mind for a few months. Don’t judge the entire batch on the first one you smoke. If I did that, I would have missed out on some that turned out to be favorites. And I did enjoy the couple of Olde World’s that I have had, although not a “wow” stick for me.

  • Harley

    Are the Thompson Cigar Old World Reserve factory overruns similar to the x-outs? Thanks.

    • Bigdave

      Not sure about Thompson. But I know the X outs Liga-C from CI and Cigardbid are the Old World.

  • Bigdave

    Does anyone know if Rocky is discontinuing these. I noticed a lot of shops arnt carrying them anymore.

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