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CAO Black Bengal Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, July 29, 2009
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This 6×50 stick offered very creamy smooth flavors including wood, leather, cocoa and a hint of chocolate at points, with a nice pepper kick coming in and out on the finish which was very short and clean. Burn was very good needing only a tiny touchup 1/2 way through, and the draw was excellent with just the right amount of easy resistance. 1 1/2 hours to the band point, where it became pretty warm and nutty.

  • Mike – KnightRid

    nice review!

    I never had any of the CAO Black, because like you said, I cant find them locally 🙂 I might have to pick up a few if I see them in a 5 pack when I order online. I also like the Toro size myself, so I would probably pick up this exact stick.


  • Jon

    Thank you so much for this review. I’m a beginning smoker that wasn’t quite sure where to go as far as my flavor profile preferences. After watching this review you described everything I have been looking for as far as tastes go. Just picked up a five pack online, couldn’t find it anywhere else. I guess it adds to the mystique of these sticks. After I receive these in the mail, how long should I let them rest? Thanks again, keep up the great work.

  • Thank you! I would let them rest after shipping at least a week.

  • Joe Sepe

    Bought one and was blown away just by the shear construction. the burn and draw were really awesome. it’s nice to not have to think about touching the stick up, or feeling like you sont know what you spent your money on. great review

  • ryanmo45

    just bid on a five pack. I must try these. Great review Bryan!

  • chris cole

    Got one of these staring at me from the humidor think im gonna have to try it now

  • chris cole

    Had one today it just seemed to burn forever tasted great but seemed to produce little smoke till the half way point. Then it just opened up and hit like a champ but it started to unravel with about an inch and a half left.

  • Brian

    Saw them on cigars international for $50 for a 20 bundle. Smoking one right now. They started off not so good. Right at the half way point though, they got good.

  • playersrun1

    was eager to try these after this review, but am a little hesitant after trying the Brazilia and being a bit disappointed. maybe in time…

  • stevenknisley

    This cigar is really good and I am lucky enough to have a few more in my humidor.

  • James L

    Just got up 5 am. Cali time@ Got an Special CI offer on the CAO Black Toro,I and went to your site to check out this cigar. After your review I will be ordering the 10 pack!!!

    Tks James in Cali
    I to like medium creamy cigars at this time!

  • Buffalo Trace

    After buying samplers and singles for bout 6 months the CAO Blacks were my 1st bundle buy. I love em. Thanks to this review I got turned on to em, thanks Bryan. I also like the Ramon Bueso Odyssey and intend to get some in box also. Thanks Bryan for the excellent reviews.

  • Godzilla

    Another great review. After watching this I picked up a few stick on cbid. Great smoke. I swear it tasted like coco powder.

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