Rocky Patel Fusion DC Toro Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, July 28, 2009
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This 6.5×52 stick has a unique wrapper/binder, offering both a conneticut and maduro combination in a twisted spiral pattern called a barberpole! At times it reminded me of a more potent Vintage 1992, but quickly transitioned into something all it’s own. The overall body was medium-full, but it did go up and down slightly over the course of the 1 1/2 hour burn. Construction was excellent with a near perfect burn and perfect draw from start to finish, never wavering – typical for Rocky Patel! The flavors were nothing short of amazing – every other draw seemed to bring change, and it was almost something new each time. Both the individual and combination of flavors morphed, and include: pepper, spice, wood, leather, earth, creamy smoothness, sweetness, oil, cocoa, coffee and a ton of really subtle characteristics that were sometimes only there for a fleeting moment. These are only currently available in the Fusion Sampler Pack, 5 each of the three Fusion blends – the other two reviewed here and here.

  • Michael

    Where did you find the sampler?

  • Just google it, there are several sites. and others.

  • cigargoogler

    Yeah… I think its the price that is the bender. You mentioned $22-$25…. of the sites listed above, the price is $49 to $69.

    Interested in where to find for $22-$25


  • cigarbid

  • Bigdave

    Man I wish I could still find these. But I’m afraid they sold out long ago. For some reason I realy like barber pole cigars.

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