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CAO Lx2 Belicoso Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, July 22, 2009
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This 7×56 stick started out promising, albeit with simple flavors of pepper, tobacco and a hint of sweetness. By the 2/3 point 45 min in though, the flavors had changed to a nice smooth nut but then unfortunately the stick became unsmokeable in a matter of seconds prompting a recut and relight, with horrible flavors afterwards. Full details shown in the video.

  • Khyber

    I have a few of these resting in my humi. Hopefully I’ll have better luck. I’ve heard mostly good things about them. I’m guessing you’d much rather prefer the John Bull you reviewed over the Lx2.


  • JohnM

    Great review Brian, thanks for telling it like it is.
    I have had very few good CAO’s and will never buy another.
    They should concentrate on making a good cigar instead of flashy bands.

  • Michael

    I have one of these in my box that I’m looking for a time to light. It’s not been in there long.. After seeing this I’ll probally let it sit longer than I planned though. Good review.


    CAO — fantastic marketing (like Gurkha) but consistent, well constructed, enjoyable sticks? (Also like Gurkha)not so much. At least Gurkha (albeit at a higher price point) offers several good cigars, the only two CAOs that I’ve smoked to the nub and enjoyed were the Cameroon and the Criollo and even with those two, I’ve had a plethora of experiences with inconsistencies to the point where I don’t buy them anymore. I place the blame squarely on the fact that both CAO and Gurkha appear to rely on a bezillion different factories so being all over the place on that end of things, so is their quality and consistency.

  • Krieg

    Good review Brian, I have been thinking about trying some CAOs, but now I’d rather save my money and spend it on a cigar I know I will like and not have issues with.

  • docfender

    CAO Gold Maduros,Mx2,and Criollo’s are fine smokes. I’d give these a try before trashing all CAO products.

  • Bryan Glynn

    Don’t put words in anyone’s mouth. I didn’t ‘trash all CAO products’.

    I have had a couple good ones, as you can see in the review videos. And I’ve had some real stinkers as you can also see.

  • Jim

    I’ll take the Brazilia for consistency – the rest of the CAOs are definitely hit or miss. I love MX2s but every third one I try are plugged almost to point of being unsmokable. I hate paying for a smoke, getting fired up to smoke it and then being let down like Brian was. Makes me want to pay more and buy Padron Anniversario’s and smoke those – at least you know you always will get a quality stick.

  • I’ll agree with the Brazilias – I have had several already and every one was perfect and tasted good.

    I have a Black and Mx2 left to review, we’ll see how they fare shortly.

    • Mike

      I would give the CAO CX2 a try. They a wonderful smoke!

    • poliopiper

      Brazilias are the best CAO and only CAO worth buying a box of.

  • docfender

    No “works”, no mouth, I did’nt mean YOU were trashing all CAO’s, but a couple of your viewers are ready to storm the village withot a fair trial just on your say so. True cigar aficianados would try these reviewed sticks to form their own opinion and therefore have an idea where your reviews relate to their own tastes. That is why I visit your site, I also have a cigar obsession.

  • Khyber

    I smoked 1 after a week in the humi. I didn’t have any burn problems. The draw was nice.

    The flavors were alright; chocolaty with a bit of spice. Nothing truly amazing.

    For a cigar labeled Ligero x 2, it didn’t have much strength to it. The Oliva V Lancero I smoke have more strength. I also found the Italia to be stronger than this Lx2.

    I have 2 or 3 more left. I probably won’t be picking anymore up unless I can get them for a $1. I don’t think they’re worth the $3 I paid for them. For $3, there are a lot better cigars out there. I think the Lx2 is way overhyped. It’s an average cigar.

    From CAO, I found the Italia to be a much better cigar in flavor and strength.


  • stickman

    I just watched this video…sorry for being late to comment. I too have never been overly impressed with CAO cigars…I will only give them a try at this point when I get them on auction. I have the perception going into the CAO smoke that there is a good chance that there will be some construction issue and many relights at the least…Great Review….Fun to watch…

  • tom

    CAO is very touch and go with me but the one and only lx2 i have smoked was awesome i was very surprised and smoked it to the nub. i think CAO is a hope for a diamond in the rough kind of brand

  • Grove52

    Looking for some insight on the CAO CX2. Have you’ve had any?

    • it-nurse

      For those reading after July 2011 – CX2’s have exactly the same quality and construction problems. Might be Cameroon x2, but there’s much better Cameroon smokes out there, with only 1/2 the Cameroon. I tried as few different sizes…stay away from the belicoso’s.

      BG – Thanks for the review!

  • D-rod91

    Bryan, I agree w/ u 100% on this stick..every aspect-exact same thing just happened to the one I just tried to smoke….wish I wlda checked your review 1st 🙁
    -on Vaca, didn’t have much to pik from…so i thought I’d try this one (dumba**)….I know/knew better than to gamble on CAO’s anymore….even tho the Brazilias are decent, I’m w/ u about the Brand too ….garbage & just not worth the risk. Ya live & learn I guess ))
    —CAO just got my $ for the LAST time, No more chances!

  • puffrey

    Got this stick in a sampler recently and was looking forward to it because I enjoy the MX2 very much. I think I will lower my expectations just a bit in case this happens.

  • Camshaft83

    Just got one of these in a sampler my friend gave me for my birthday. Hope it smokes good. In your video you mentioned you would only buy a couple of the CAOs you’ve smoked again. Just wondering which ones?

  • Jake

    Got one of these in a sampler recently that was unsmokeable. I tried loosening it up with no luck. Tossed it and grabbed an Oliva from the humidor.

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