La Princesa de Cuba Torpedo Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, July 13, 2009
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This 6.5×52 torpedo stick came in a light tan slightly bumpy wrapper, but with no construction issues. Burn and draw were both excellent, having no issues and the perfect amount of resistance for copious amounts of rich smoke. Body proved to be mild-medium with flavors of wood, leather, nuts and a nice white pepper kick on the long finish. Everything got smoother as time went, with an almost oily mouth feel, very buttery soft. It lasted 1 1/4 hours just past the band point where it went soggy and was done. Thank you very much to for donating the stick for review!

  • D Ford

    Just want to say I love your reviews…they are casual and comforting. I find you very easy to listen to and understand…you seem to explain or enjoy cigars in much the same way I do. Thanks again…

  • You’re welcome – thanks for viewing!

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