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Gurkha Master Select Robusto #4 Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, July 10, 2009
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This 6×52 stick offered a mild experience with little smoke and commanding frequent puffs for proper performance. It had a couple minor burn issues needing touch-up, but was ok other than that. Draw was on the firm side and flavors were very simple and consistent. On the draw you get a grassy hay followed by tobacco flavors ending in a short clean finish. The last 3rd saw a bit of a nutty flavor that I attribute to the heat buildup from the frequent puffs. It lasted 1 hour to the band point. Thank you very much to Tinderbox.com for sending the stick for review!

  • Don

    I think you nailed this review. Question is…would you buy one of these sticks?

  • No because I don’t care for milds and the flavor profile is not my taste.

  • hmm. yes i’m smoking one now and you almost give it TOO much credit haha. It’s like I’m smoking air…

    from the look of this stick i’m expecting a Ruination, but i lit up and got a 5 vegas gold’s boring little sister with pig tails.

    • ryanmo45

      that is hilarious!

  • D-rod91

    Great review… This cigar goes fairly well w/ a cocktail, sumtimes we all need a little “help” )) – u r right 2 Bryan… These r a decent pick up for a good price…enjoy one here or there OR hand them to your buddies that aren’t “really” into sticks but like to have one w/u evrynow & again—they’ll really enjoy them.

    • D-rod91

      …also, just got a sampler of their European Selects-hopin’ 4 a little better result.. Any thoughts on those Yet Bryan?

  • D-rod91

    Yeah, back after trying 2 of the 3 diff. “euro selects”…. The Conn. & the Maduro, haven’t tried the Habano….BUT — nothing to write home about either 🙁
    – not as mild as Master Select, but still very Mild…all rolled TOO tight w/ a Draw not the greatest (or @least to my liking)—-SAVE your $.
    —I’m beginning to think “Gurkha” means “garbage”… In Hebrew or something ))

    • D-rod91

      —tried the Habano…not expecting much, but was surprised-not bad at all. Had another Maduro as well & it wasn’t terrible but had burn issues the whole way dwn. Wld I buy the Eouropean Selection again?
      Prob. Not, but wld buy a 3 pk or 5 of the Habano…if they were damn near free.

  • Bigdave

    Yeah Gurhkas are so so. Only Gurkhas I have tried are the Beauty,Beast,Titan and Warlord. I got them recently in a sampler. Prices on Gurkhas have dropped a lot compared to 6-7 years ago.He’s got to man cheap brands to peddle. Also the guy who owns Gurkha looks like a shyster.

  • Matthew Brown

    Bought this stick because I am recently getting more into cigars(normally smoke pipes) and I try new sticks so I can find what I like. I didn’t see the review until after I bought it. So I smoked it and was hoping the one I had would smoke ok. I found a whole in the wrapper. The only flavor I had was straight tobacco. And I had to touch it up at least 4 times, lost count. I sat it down after half way and didn’t pick it back up. Not going to get this again. Great reviews keep them coming!!!!

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