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Illusione 4/2g Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, June 19, 2009
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This 7.5×49 stick offered a very long smoke, pushing 2 hours to the nub with a strong flavor and almost full body that sneaks up on you. Flavors included some leather up front changing to roasted nuts and a creamy smooth texture from the 2nd third back. A little pepper kick was on the finish all the way through, with a bit of oil on the lips. Thank you very much to David Morgan from Minneapolis, MN for generously donating a 5 pack of these wonderful sticks for review!

  • Kirk

    Hey I got the link to your review from cigarasylum. Great review. I will have to try this stick. This brand for me has been hit and miss but it sounds like something I would like. A bit of a long smoke for me but maybe a good treat for Fathers Day weekend!

    First thing I noticed about your site was the photos, then I saw your a photog too! I shoot mainly sports and some models. Great pics! Very crisp

  • Thanks! Yeah it was a very long smoke – I will save these for special occasions for sure, or maybe share with someone that would appreciate one. One will definitely be in an upcoming giveaway too!

    Weddings are my primary focus, but I also do commercial product shots. I have done some sports and models but it’s not my niche.

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