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Cuban Crafters Perfect Cutter Unboxing & Review

by Bryan Glynn, June 15, 2009
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This cutter solves the problem for many smokers, of just how to perfectly cut your cigar. Especially for new smokers, it takes the guesswork out of what is really a critical step in the enjoyment of a good smoke. It allows for the perfect positioning of just about any cigar and effortless cuts. In this video we unbox it and run it through a couple different types of cigars to get a feel for how it operates. Thank you very much to Cuban Crafters for generously donating this for review, it’s greatly appreciated! This is a real bargain for a great cutter with a lifetime guarantee at only a $15 price point.

  • Mike – KnightRid

    Nice review. I never saw a cutter with the hole in it for the torpedos or belicosas! I have seen a few with the back on it for standard cigars, but this cutter looks very nice! I will have to check a store about 45 minutes away to see if they carry these in store and give one a try!


  • I have two and will be giving one away in my next promotion 🙂

  • I have the Perfecto version of this. Same cutter, different shape, even same price. Its a great cutter.

  • Eno

    I own one of these perfect cutters and have given two away to friends. We all love them and always get comments on their appearance and solid feel. One minus/negative is the lack of a pouch which I wish Cuban Crafters offered.

    As a side note, for my orders, they did include a stogie (Don Kiki, house brand) which was a pleasant surprise. I definitely recommend a purchase by anyone.

  • Khyber

    Bryan, how about an update report on this cutter?

    How do you like it so far?

    How does it compare to your Xikar?

    Have you ever used a Palio cutter? Thanks.

    • Not much to update other than it’s still working perfectly! I’ve been using it exclusively, haven’t even touched the Xikar again. It not only cut’s more consistently, but cuts a lot BETTER. I have not used a Palio yet.

  • Jason

    I have had the scissor style cuban crafter cutter with triple blades for several years now. It works great also.

  • Troutstroker

    Thanks for the review on this Bryan. Have been looking for a nice cutter for a while now, tired of the plastic ones with cheap blades. After seeing this review, I picked one up and couldn’t be happier with it. Very nice construction, extremely sharp high quality steel blades that cut flawlessly. Feels good in the hand. I can definitely see why they claim that ‘this is the the last cutter you ever have to buy’.

  • Rick

    Great review! CC has the original back in stock and on sale at CC. Should get mine next week…



    I just bought this cutter Bryan. I have used Xikar lighters (the crossover) for a long time and almost bought the xi1 cutter. Its been a while since your last update do you think it still works as good as it did before? still prefer it to the rest??

    • Yep, you can see it in all my vids – still perfect 🙂

  • Slizzard Lizard

    These are awsome cutters. I have had numerous cutters including xicars, which are nice but not as good as these. I have had mine now for about a year and a half and have had no dulling of the blades yet. I get them as gifts to all my cigar smoking friends. Takes all the guess work out of cutting. Helps quite a bit after a few drinks:-)

  • undergroundboxr

    I was looking through your review list and saw this cutter in the list and because of this video I think I might buy this cutter next week 🙂 hows it working for you today? still good as new or have you had to send it back?

  • ggman1023

    I am getting one of these cutters! Everytime i see you use it in the video i see how perfect the cut really is. i have gotten alot better with my cuts but i would like to not have to worry and use that one!

  • Kace

    I found this cutter on ebay. Very nice price. I ordered 2 for $15. Hope it works as good as the price.

  • david121

    I bought one of these because of your recommendation about a month ago. Great purchase, im 100% satisfied with it. great review

  • Orrza

    Bryan, I am warning you, you will have an issue with my wife!!!
    watching your videos makes me want to spend more money… this cutter is one of my next purchases.

    If my wife finds out, you are in trouble! 🙂

    • Bpope31

      I am in the same boat there. These reviews along with newly discovering Cigarbid I’m getting myself in deep. Haha. I’m finding such good deals though I can’t help it.

  • Bpope31

    I’m looking for a new straight cutter bc the ones I have now suck and pint the crap out of my cigars. This looks like the one. Found a sweet poker version of this I must have.

  • swj045

    seen you use this one in many of your reviews.I still use the cheap plastic ones you get for about 2 bucks. have to get one of these.keep up the good work

  • Orrza

    Man, that’s do depressing!!
    I found it on ebay at about 15$ but shipping to Israel (yea, that’s where I am from) is about 20$ (!!!!!)

    If anyone has a spare one for less, I will be happy to buy it.

  • Matt

    I contacted Brian after watching many of his reviews and noticing the same cutting was used in many of them. I was sent a link with a his review of this cutter, and I immediately purchased the cutter after watching. After several months of using this cutter, I must say it is by far my favorite, and is still as sharp as the day I received it.

    Thanks for the great reviews…

  • Boucher207

    Great cutter, my favorite.

  • daniel luparello

    This looks like an excellent cutter. I need a new cutter but I don’t really know whats good and whats not good so if anyone has some recommendations please let me know!

  • Craig

    After watching Byran use this cutter again and again, I decided to buy one. Best investment (cutter-wise) I’ve ever made. If this cutter won’t cut it,…. it doesn’t need to be smoked!

  • stevesatch

    This is the cutter I use. I bought it because of the price, reviews, and warranty. It has worked great so far.

  • stevesatch

    I don’t know how responsive they are on the free replacement though if it’s ever needed and you will be on the hook for shipping. Not a worry though at the initial price point.

    • USFPhil

      After a few years of use this cutter did come apart on me, I sent it back and they replaced it no problem. I did have to pay for the shipping one way which only cost me about 4 bucks. This cutter is fantastic and so is the warranty.

  • Philly5800

    This review caused me to buy my own one of these bad boys. Wow! You’re review was very accurate. I really needed this because I forever botch cuts. I can tell I’ll have this forever. Technically, the company says it’s not designed to cut 60s but I’ve found it works if, similar to torpedoes, you give it an extra snip. Awesome cutter. Thanks.

  • lrogers

    I know this was originally posted in 2009 however, I just purchased one of these cutters and would like to leave my comment. I watched the review video and video after video of Bryan using this cutter and stating how great it was. I normally use a Xikar Xi3 which I love. The only problem using the Xikar is you have to line up the cap with the blades on the cutter and make sure your straight. The Perfect Cutter illuminates most of this by a pre-determined blade depth achieved by the plate behind the blades. This is a very cool feature. I purchased the cutter on ebay for $12.98 free shipping. Considerably less than my Xikar. It is a well made solid cutter that should last a very long time. Thanks for reviewing this cutter and recommending it!

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