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Jun 15

Cuban Crafters Perfect Cutter Unboxing & Review

Posted on Monday, June 15, 2009 in Accessory Reviews

This cutter solves the problem for many smokers, of just how to perfectly cut your cigar. Especially for new smokers, it takes the guesswork out of what is really a critical step in the enjoyment of a good smoke. It allows for the perfect positioning of just about any cigar and effortless cuts. In this video we unbox it and run it through a couple different types of cigars to get a feel for how it operates. Thank you very much to Cuban Crafters for generously donating this for review, it’s greatly appreciated! This is a real bargain for a great cutter with a lifetime guarantee at only a $15 price point.

  • lrogers

    I know this was originally posted in 2009 however, I just purchased one of these cutters and would like to leave my comment. I watched the review video and video after video of Bryan using this cutter and stating how great it was. I normally use a Xikar Xi3 which I love. The only problem using the Xikar is you have to line up the cap with the blades on the cutter and make sure your straight. The Perfect Cutter illuminates most of this by a pre-determined blade depth achieved by the plate behind the blades. This is a very cool feature. I purchased the cutter on ebay for $12.98 free shipping. Considerably less than my Xikar. It is a well made solid cutter that should last a very long time. Thanks for reviewing this cutter and recommending it!