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Alec Bradley Maxx Culture Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, June 15, 2009
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This lovely 6.5×54 stick offered a mild-medium body, plentiful rich, smooth smoke and a very good burn all the way down to the nub. The draw was perfect – you didn’t even notice it or have to think about it. The flavor profile was very simple and consistent but proved to be a very pleasent blend! A creamy smooth, oily and sweet at times, nutty and deep flavor dominated, showing a fairly long finish.

  • Mike – KnightRid

    I have 4 Maxx left in my humidor right now 🙂 I thought they were a nice smoke also!

    great review, cant wait for more!!


  • Thanks!

  • Brian Flanery

    This seems like a good transition cigar. Ill have to pick up a five pack. I think its funny you kept saying “alex” bradley. i love it!

  • I did?? Huh I never noticed! lol habit I guess!

  • Southy

    Cool! But I think that will be imposible to get here in South Korea. I could find only cubans or some davidoffs. So sad.

    • david121

      my condolences :/

    • Kace

      Know anyone in an area that could ship them to you? Make some connections. = )

  • david121

    sounds good! i’ll look for some deals on these to try for myself. great review!

  • bbarber

    Great review. Would also make a good stick if you need to recondition your palate. I smoke a lot of the fuller body cigars and like to switch to less body occasionally just to refresh the senses. I think I’ll use this one next time. Thanks Bryan

  • Orrza

    Very nice stick, and WAY lighter then I expected it to be.

  • SLCigarClassy101

    I remember smoking this cigar awhile ago. I had a very similar experience as you described, Bryan. Your experiences and mine with cigars is nearly the same but you’re more articulated with your wording because you’ve been smoking much longer than I have lol. I did noticed a strange “spice” like flavor along with the Earthy and Smooth flavors which is hard for me to put into words, like a brown sugar kinda flavor. On my personal scale, I gave it a 7.5, above average with a slight hold of my interest of flavors. I would recommend this to a friend who wanted to try cigars, surely!

  • Boucher207

    My local shop has a ton of these.

  • sh40218

    The MAXX is one of my favorite ABs. It’s super toasty and lots of dense flavors. That what I remeber most about the profile, also a really bad burn. Hehe

  • samgiroux42

    I am a fan of the Fine and Rare. Great stick.

  • eric.hanson

    Based on your recomendation I’ve had a few of these sitting in m humidors for about 6 months, I’ll wait to summer to pull them out just to make sure I hve the proper age time. I’m really looking forward to trying these, they sound great.

  • zanlamb

    Ive only ever had a couple ABs but never this one. Looks like I will be giving it a go once the weather gets better.

    • EddieJH

      Make sure you let them sit in your humidor for a little while. I had a bad experience with mine and I think that aging it more would have made all of the difference.

  • eric.hanson

    I had one of these last night, good review. I also find these to be mild-medium bodied, very smooth, with good construction and a long burn time.

  • EddieJH

    My Alec Bradley Maxx kept going out and I had to re light it 2 times. I took a draw every minute or so… hopefully I just got a dud.

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