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Padilla Obsidian Belicoso Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, June 7, 2009
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This 6×54 belicoso stick offered a very straighforward espresso and nut flavor profile, with a slight pepper heat on the finish that built up as it went along. The body gained momentum from mild to medium to the band point, at which I stopped. A burn issue at the 1/2 way point prompted a partial relight, and it recovered and burned normally after that.

  • Great to know – thanks for all the info!!

  • I have had nothing but burn issues with these sticks. The draw is just too tight to get any enjoyment out of it; too much work. However the flavor is nice.

    Oh and I like your new back drop.


  • Thanks! I’m still working on things but I want to keep it fun 🙂

  • jason kelley

    Hello I would like to add that i also have had burn issues with these and only way i could smoke them is let them sit out for about 5 days and dry up its sad i know but they burn almost perfect then and a great draw and yea i love the back ground 🙂

  • Thanks!

  • Kenneth Glass

    Byan, i love these–the first ones i got were in a sampler a year or so ago, some were unsmokable–Padilla makes these for CI–they had so many complaints. The few that I got that were good, made me love these! i have bought mazo’s of these, since–no prblems at all. I love all Padilla’s I have smoked, but these, and the 1968 Solamon–came in sampler too, and they had Problems–I have some that are perfect, If you want to try. They have fixed the problems–It was costing them!

  • I appreciate the offer Ken! I don’t think this issue was major enough to warrant a re-review though, just a glitch that any brand can and does experience from time to time. Now if it had smoked like the football cigar…lol

  • biggm

    I tried the achilles tonight straight from CI. The cigar had a nice aroma, but almost did nothing for me. I tried the cazadores as well and had similar tight draw and a bad burn. Almost flavorless. The Achilles was cheaper and was almost a better smoke. NOT ONE Of my favorite brands so far. Guess I’m gonna have to pick up premi of there’s and see if they improve.


  • biggm

    A side note on the achilles. When I submittedmy post I was about cash this cigar at the halfway point. However it litteraly did a 180 and became a smooth creamy leather and pepper smoke, and actually began to burn perfect. This was after I let it sit for about 5 minutes and cool. So I can only conclude that some of these lines need a little longer to sit. It ended up with a great smoke in the end.

  • Dirk

    I too had burn issues. I let the cigar sit in my humi for a couple months.. The construction was terrible..what a shame the flavor profile was nice.. however the hassle with the cigar rendered it totally unsmokeable..

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