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Jun 3

Chateau Real Lord Tennyson by Drew Estate Cigar Review

Posted on Wednesday, June 3, 2009 in Cigar Reviews

This 7×50 stick brought a mild-medium body, wood and nut party to the table. Very typical in flavors, not so typical in the perfect draw and burn, at a very attractive price-point. It lasted just over 1 hour to the band point at which the whole thing became very soggy and hot, and I stopped. Thank you VERY much to AJ for this generous donation, I greatly appreciate it!

  • Corey_Lake

    I had better luck than you did with this stick. I smoked one in Iraq. For me, it was a nice change from the med-full to full sticks I usually smoked. For me the flavor profile was the nice change. I didn’t have the construction issues you mentioned. Since my stick was donated, I can’t really comment on the price point value. But I think I’d smoke one again.