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Rocky Patel The Edge Maduro Torpedo Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, May 25, 2009
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A fairly complex blend, giving a variety of flavors throughout the stick. The burn and draw were both excellent with no issues whatsoever. The 6×52 stick was a VERY slow burner ending nice and cool all the way to the nub after 1 3/4 hours. The start offered a bit of wood and pepper quickly going to a leather and earthy flavor with a nice bit of pepper on the long finish. The middle brought out a chocolate replacing the leather, and it ended with a warm smooth nuttiness. The whole stick was very smooth and refined, with a very slightly sweet oil left on the lips. Available as a cosmetic factory second called X-Out Liga “A”.

  • Mike – KnightRid

    Very nice review! Brother-in-Law who is a RP WHORE, loves these things in the 60 ring gauge size! Only problem that tends to pop up quite a bit is canoeing with the burn, but other than that they do pretty well.

    Curious – What are the Liga D and E? You told us the A,B,C and then stopped 🙂


  • Canoeing is usually caused by the wrong RH level.

    C=Old World Reserve
    E=Indian Tabac Super Fuerte

    • Flowers4Algernon

      Just order a mazo of the Edge Maduro Torpedoes from CI. Had a couple of these from my neighborhood store (not the X-outs) that had rather stiff draws.

      Hoping for better luck with my mazo!

  • Brian

    Awesome review i love these guys. Where do you primarily buy the seconds from some of the places i have seen ther sell them for not so cheap.

  • I get my 2nds and x-outs from cigarbid.com

  • Mike – KnightRid

    Thank you for the information!

    I thought the RH was the problem. I will have to try and swap out the 70% beads for some 65% ones (when I buy some) and see if that fixes it.


  • Brian

    Just had one of these and it was great as always gonna have to try some of the seconds sometime.

  • My latest bundle just arrived 5 min ago…mmmm

  • Krieg

    I think the RP Renaissance took the place of the Edge Sumatra, however, I could be wrong. I love the Maduro Edge, great cigar! Renaissance is my favorite, have you had one yet?

  • No, I have not had a chance to sample those yet at all.

  • Tonu

    Bryan, I am from Belgium and I had that RP from a brother on a US forum. Smoked it today and can find myself in your review. Keep up the good work, I realy enjoyed it!!

  • Thanks for watching!

  • Brown Bear

    I really enjoy your reviews, Just picked up some RP edge maduro in a sampler and can’t wait to try one…. I am a newb of sorts and would love more info on the beads you speak of, and where to get them. My modest humidor holds a constant 70 to 75 RH. I hear you speak of 65 RH in you videos. Is the RH of my humidor to high?

    I really appreciate your passion for cigars, and your opinion,
    Ted F.
    Merritt Island, Florida

    • D-rod91

      I am sumwhat in the same boat…put the cigar hobby “on the back burner” for a spell–BUT now…back in the saddle- this site is helpin’ me “catch back up” ..espec. I in the newer age of online stuff. So @ times I still feel like a Newbie in some conversations—Please keep that Valued info comin!

      • D-rod91

        Bryan, this site u got here is amazing…keep up the good work. Thx for helpin us all out, prob. more than you even realize ))

  • There’s no right or wrong level, but for my area and weather, 65% works best in most cases. 70% may be better for you. http://heartfeltindustries.com/

  • Chris

    Just had one of these the other day. It had fantastic flavor and i nice loose draw. It lasted about an 1.45 minutes, i couldn’t believe it. The one bad thing i found was that the inside seemed to burn faster then the exterior wrapper. But all in all i really enjoyed, and would definitely have another one.

  • biggm

    Bryan, these are probably what got me into bolder cigars. I still love it when my shop gets in a 200 count box and you van see the tobacco oils on the foam. Just an amazing line. I enjoy the original edge, corojo, maduro, and the sumatra. A very pleasant cigar every time. Heres to great cigars and smooth beer!


  • D-rod91

    Great review & comments……this is the kind of stuff I’ve been lookin 4 online..this site is the best!!!
    – just got one of these sticks..& after reading here 1st, can’t wait to try it!

  • ryanmo45

    Just picked up one of these babies last night. Thus far I have only had the corojo. Very anxious to try the maduro after watching this review. I love maduros. One thing that hasen’t been mentioned is the price point on these. For what you get for your dollar this may be one of the best priced cigars on the market. Great review Bryan!

  • puffrey

    I am working on the Habano version of the Edge right now and I must say this is one of RP’s spicier sticks.

  • mrgene

    right again the Edge was great, bought the x-outs good price

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