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Romeo y Julieta Reserva Real Belicoso Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, May 22, 2009
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A very nice blend of slight pepper, leather, touches of caramel and sweet woody flavors. The finish is short on the first half, growing longer to the band. The burn was excellent, the draw very good on the loose side – no construction issues. A very enjoyable mild-medium 6.1×52 smoke for about $5!

  • john m

    I have smoked a few,found the construction to be good, lots of smoke,the barnyard flavor just don’t do it for me.For five buck not a bad yard gar.

  • Jeff

    Agree with the previous commentor – very average cigar at best. I had some burn issues during the first third but it worked itself out without my help. Taste was mild, spicy, and pleasant in the first third and went downhill quickly after that. For this price I can get two FAR superior sticks from a less exclusive brand.

  • David

    This was a great cigar. I tried the robusto size but it was very smooth and had great flavors all the way through to the end.

  • I really enjoyed this one, I had a Lonsdale, so I probably got more out of the mild and understated wrapper flavors against less filler tobacco @44. Only draw back to this size in general is the care and attention required to not pull to strong on it and tarnish the delicate harmony. Towards the latter half, pepper and nutty flavors kick in and tinges on medium. A good one to unwind with on a quiet afternoon, with an even slow burn.

  • USA2ndAmendment

    This was the first “real” cigar I ever smoked…and I love it! It is def. one of my top picks.

    • Craig

      This was my first “real” cigar as well. I STILL go back to it from time to time. It has a classic mellow blend but is still satisfying.

      • Fabbio

        I have 2 of these in Churchill resting in the humi. I have never had a none Cuban ryj so fingers crossed.

  • Bigdave

    I think these R&J Reserva Real are the exact same filler, binder and wrapper as the Montecristo White Label. The only difference is the wrappers on the Montecristo are much more pristine with no large veins or blemishes which might give it a slightly different variance. Other than that in my opinion they are just about identical twins. Besides their both Altadis brand cigars, the R&J’s are a little cheaper. Check them out yourselfs and do a few comparisons to see if you think I’m right or if you think like they say i’m been smoking my pipe”! 🙂

  • raja

    In your review which was done about 5 years ago you characterized this stick as a mild to medium at most. In the most recent CI catalog (April 2014) they list them as full and on their website they call them medium-full. Has the blend changed in the last 5 years? I’ve smoked these in the past and don’t remember a lot about them, but I do remember that my palate back then was not favorable to full bodied cigars and these didn’t seem to overwhelm me.

    • I pay no attention to descriptions in catalogs

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