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May 15

La Perla Habana Black Pearl Classic Toro Cigar Review

Posted on Friday, May 15, 2009 in Cigar Reviews

This 6×50 stick offered an excellent burn and draw, giving a medium bodied nutty flavor, complimented by touches of leather and hazelnut in the first 1/2. A fast burner, it finished at the band in 45 min after starting to get warm.

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  1. ryanmo45 says:

    I got to try these ones. there very cheap on cigarbid. I have only had the cobre from la perla habana and they are awesome. they get better and better the longer they rest. thank you for the review bryan

  2. eric.hanson says:

    The La Perla line isn’t anything that will blow you away, but considering you can get them for less than $2 a stick they’re a great bargin.

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