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Oliva Serie O Maduro Churchill Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, May 11, 2009
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This was a wonderful smoke, packing a hidden punch! Overall a mild-medium body experience with a rich creamy textured smoke giving a nutty smooth flavor with touches of earth and a strong peppery finish. A 7×50 stick, it lasted well over an hour before I put it down. The draw and burn were both excellent, with no problems. I did make the big mistake of not eating for a while before having this, and it made me very nauseous for a couple hours right after finishing the video. Don’t make the same mistake I did!

  • Brian

    Ya not eating before can bite you in the a@# happened to me before i just got some of these now i cant wait to try em i like the fusions to now i am interested to see how they compare great review as usual.

  • Thanks!

  • Mike – KnightRid

    I learned early on to make sure i had some food in my gut before smoking 🙂 Cept in the early morning with like a Nub Cammie or something mild like that.

    THANX for getting the site fixed 😉 Was gonna snail mail you a letter if it wasnt fixed today 🙂

    Just another nice review! Keep em coming!!


  • john m

    Great review. The O maduro in robusto is my favorite smoke.
    Great smoke for a fair price,always consistent.

  • Greg Bellante

    I’m glad that you had a wonderful smoke here obviously from your review here the Churchill is a great smoke. I just struggled with the Robusto Series O and it probably had the tightest draw i’ve ever experienced , i mean i really had to work at it and not until just past the half -way point did the stick open up enough to get some smoke out of it and the flavors were good> a roasted hazelnut with a dark coffee flavor and yes the pepper taste was there to. I was just to exhausted from sucking my guts out to enjoy it… maybe i just got a dud as the Oliva Connecticut Robusto was beautiful.

  • brian – this cigar has become a favourite of mine as have a few of the Oliva Range although I prefer the madura You summed it up perfectly I differ on 1 point – it tastes so good I am always tempted to eat it instead of feeling nausea. These are all excellent all the best and long ashes all

  • ryanmo45

    Great review Bryan! I am just getting down to the nub on a serie g African cameroon in churchill. I have often looked at the serie o and want to try one but the g is so good I always end up walking out with a couple of them instead. I see you don’t have any rEviews on the serie g I have to send you one so the people can get the review on it. I am a big big cameroon fan.

    • david121

      whats the serie g like?

  • david121

    Great review. i tried this in robusto size and it was great too, i recommend it!

  • danzig777

    One of my favorite smokes. Usually smoke them in a toro size. Great Review keep em coming.

  • Corey_Lake

    I smoked one after watching your review. I really enjoyed the stick. I drank a root beer while smoking it. I only had a slight buzz from the cigar on the car ride home..

  • Sami

    I tried this cigar for the first time one month ago….and this was the first time i try oliva serie o churchel and beleive me it is the last time. I used to always smoke nothing else than Cohiba my expectation was not too high comparing to Cohiba and i was right. Too Spicy, Too earthy taste and tooooo strong.!!! I will stick to Cohiba and no more Oliva Churchel Serie O.

  • Joshua Goodsell

    I have this one in robusto in my humidor and have yet to try it, which makes me wonder – is a churchill usually the same flavors after the first two inches as the same cigar in robusto?

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