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Cheap Stick Shootout: Fuente vs. Thompson Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, April 30, 2009
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Today is a double-feature: the Thompson Empressario Natural Churchill & the Arturo Fuente Curlyhead. In short, these two smokes are a hit and miss combo. The Empressario is just a letdown dog rocket, while the Curlyhead *can* be an OK mild smoke, your experience however WILL vary stick to stick per the nature of the beast, being a scrap short filler cigar.

  • One thing about the Curlyhead which further explains its inconsistencies is that they are rolled by apprentice rollers.

  • I suspected that as well!

  • john m

    Now that’s what I call taking one for the team, your a brave soul 🙂

  • burl carter

    I have tried cigars you have reviewed and found then enjoyable, but I’m staying away from these. I laughed my a## off when the Thompon hit the floor. Go get a good one out of the humi and relax. You most certainly took one for the team.

  • Krieg

    “Yonder on the floor is the Thompson…” I loved that, made me laugh my @#@ off. Hope you didn’t have too bad of an after taste from these smokes!

  • Mike – KnightRid

    Said it before, will say it again and will KEEP saying it – Perdomo Fresco 🙂

    Of course the Ambos Mundos is just awesome for the price, but then we are not talking an under $2 stick like the Fresco 🙂

    Way to take one for the cigar community!!


    • danlarsen7

      Try a nick’s stick. lil havana or maduro. It’s a Perdomo brand. Very cheap and very enjoyable.

  • Brian K.

    I just discovered this site today and ha e watched a few reviews of some of my favorites (mostly Fuente’s) and found your representation of them pretty good. Clearly you have an experienced and well developed palate

    That being said I do have to defend the Curly head a little bit. I enjoy a good curly head every once in a while as a midweek “filler” smoke. If you light it with the understanding that you’re not getting into an Opus or a Chateau (Sun Grown please) it isn’t a completely disappointing smoke. To be honest I kind of enjoy the adventure of the inconsistency. I’ve had my fair share of cheap and poorly made and grown sticks, but the Curly has an element of taste refinement that others in its price category don’t.

  • BMurden

    Sorry you had to go through that life is to short for crap cigars but thanks for helping me avoid these

  • danlarsen7

    Nothing worse than a highly acclaimed company selling a cheap cigar. What an opportunity to give your company a bad rap. I enjoy just about every cigar fuente has to offer. But the curly head is awful.

  • danlarsen7

    I do enjoy watching you suffer during your reviews. The look on your face says it all. Trust me, i’ve been in your shoes before. The only thing more upsetting is spending a generous amount of money on a stick and being throughly dissapointed.

  • miro79

    Mmmmm. Spray paint and grass, my favorite flavor combos. LOL. Thanks for doing this Bryan.

  • swj045

    could the cleaning ladies be rolling these at nite? Ive had a few and its hit and miss with these.

  • RobinsonV

    Out of 5 of the curly heads that I got one had construction problems. It started coming unwrapped I managed to catch it before it got out of control. I kinda like the taste of the curly head not bad for the price imo.

  • Jared

    Just recently picked up the candela version of the curlyhead, after watching this review and figuring I’d roll the dice. I mean, come on, it’s made of scraps, but they’re FUENTE scraps, right? Not disappointed in the least. For scrap fill, the head cut clean, the ash held on an inch at a time easy, and the burn was slightly wavy but self correcting. Since I know this is an older video, and I know these vary stick to stick, this is just my version of my experience, but the flavors were decent, and I like the flavors added by a candela wrapper. I was genuinely pleased, and if I didn’t know it was a scrap stick, I wouldn’t have guessed it on this one. I’ll buy more.

  • VinnyLo

    Thanks for the review and the pain and suffering it was to make this. Lol

  • VinnyLo

    * sorry for the pain and suffering while making this video

  • ABrooks80

    Gotta say Bryan I had the Curly Deluxe Maduro and it was actually pretty tasty and I am saying this for the others that watch and read this not yourself. Actually had it tonight with a glass of Tank 7 by Boulevard micro brew very tasty got flavors of earth leather and chocolate all in combination creamy smoke too was pleasantly surprised watched your review afterwords so completely free of any influence of your review. But buyer beware like he stated these sticks vary so I wouldn’t invest a lot of money in buying a bunch of em’

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