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Rocky Patel Vintage 1992 Churchill Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, April 25, 2009
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A long mild-medium bodied smoke, 1 hour 45 min until it got hot at the band point. Rich creamy textured smoke from an easy draw on the loose side. Excellent burn producing a medium grey ash that held on for 1 1/2 inches. Flavors included nuts, coffee, leather, a touch of creme at points and a hint of pepper on the short finish. Available as a cosmetic factory second.

  • wallaper

    Nice review, I really enjoy this stick.
    Thanks for the tip on the 2nds.

  • john

    Nice review, the petite corona is one of my go to smokes, and have never been disappointed.

  • Krieg

    nice review, RP is probably one of my favorite brands of cigars. I bought a 15 pack of Vintage 92 2nds (robustos) and have been very pleased. This review got me in the mood to smoke a 92 tonight!

  • I just started getting into cigars about 1 month ago and so far after trying a dozen or so cigars, the RP 1990 is the best. RP in my opinion has the market cornered.

  • The 1990 and 1992 are two of my top favs as well, I always have a few dozen around. FYI they are available very inexpensively on cigarbid.com as 2nds (cosmetic flaws, no bands).

  • David

    Bryan – congrats on having the best job ever!!

    A question for you (and an oft-repeated one, I’m sure) – what’s your take on storing cigars with cellos on vs. off?

    My understanding is that leaving the cellos on will prevent the cigars from “marrying” with others, yet won’t it also prevent them from picking up the qualities of the spanish cedar? I’d appreciate your thoughts on your approach and experience with this!

  • Cello is primarily just for shipping. The only advantage to leaving it on is slowing the spread of mold or beetles should you not be storing them correctly and have an outbreak. Taking it off helps aging and acclimation.

    Thanks for watching! And this isn’t a job, it’s just for fun 🙂

  • Greg Bellante

    Bryan; I really enjoy your reviews and it’s very rare that your reviews are less than stellar and right-on. I have a question.I’m a big fan of Rocky Patel cigars but they all seem to have a very annoying problem and it’s a big one as almost all the R.P Cigars burn unevenly. I take great care in a perfect cut and a pristine even light and yet the cigars burn uneven a quarter way down. I wondered if you’ve experienced the same problem with RP.

    • Ya know, I used to when I was keeping my stock at 70, but after going down to 65% a while age, burn issues across the board are pretty rare for me.

      • Greg Bellante

        Bryan; Thanks for taking time to answer my question. I’m getting addicted to your reviews and want to TY for recommending Cigarbid.com just got a 10 pack sampler of Alec Bradley for $28 that’s unheard of. If more people find out about that site Thompson’s as over-priced as they are will be out of business soon. As for storing my cigars at 65% no can do. I live in Ca and the sticks would be totally dried out. I usually store my cigars at 71 or 72% and have had no problems at all with all the other cigar brands only the R.P’s burn uneven ,very strange indeed.

  • D-rod91

    Great review…great cigar, just enjoyed one myself.

  • Love the vintage… Smoked this with a nut brown ale beer. Made the coffee flavor really explode. Delicious

  • Hey Brian. Your reviews have convinced me to venture outside my comfort zone as far as sticks go (usually infused).

    So glad I found the site. Picked up a pair of RP Vintage 1992’s today. Can’t wait till tomorrow to smoke em!

  • david121

    i have one of these waiting for me in my humidor! i cant wait, it sounds awesome

  • Daniel.A

    i’ve had this one before. aged 10 years i believe or maybe 5. one thing i loved the flavors from it. i had the 60 ring gauge. one beautiful smoke.

  • eric.hanson

    Might be a dumb question but did the bands on these change? Because I’ve only seen them with black bands and the ones here look red, like the 1990.

    • I believe a couple years ago, yes.

      • Buffalo Trace

        I was gonna ask about this until I read this, all the catalogs I have show the 1990 red & 92 black band.

  • MarkAnon

    I just had one of these, only it was in toro and slightly darker wrapper. Aged ten years with a nice hay aroma before the light and a velvet texture. Same flavor profile except no cream really, but about halfway through to the end I got a really nice oak barrel aroma. It was a very nice stick, also 2 hours long (although I smoked pretty slowly). I would enjoy it if you reviewed one of these with the darker wrapper (not sure if actually maduro, though I thought it was) in toro. Great review as always and thanks for the tips about how to get seconds/rejects/ex-outs. I’ll definitely have to check that out.

  • EddieJH

    I like the coffee flavors in this cigar. I enjoy this cigar as a morning smoke. 🙂

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