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5 Vegas Classic Double Corona Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, April 22, 2009
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A medium bodied 6×52 smoke with an excellent draw and burn. Producing a rough woody first 3rd with a good pepper kick, moving to a much smoother nutty, woody and slightly caramel flavor for the last 1/2 with a touch of pepper on the short finish. 1 hour, around $2/stick.

  • Dan


    Could not agree with you more. I average about three of these a week smoking them just like you recommended, out in the yard. It’s a solid medium stick that I don’t have to worry too much about while cutting the grass and pulling weeds.

    • Vito

      I don’t understand. I hear reviewers and customers alike, talk about these so called, yard or golf cigars. I want a good smoke all the time. If i don’t like the cigar in my easy chair, why would i smoke it anywhere else? I understand savoring a cigar wherever you can, however the idea of, it’s o.k. for now, well doesn’t make good sense to me. If i can’t enjoy a cigar in my easy chair, i won’t enjoy it anywhere. Does this make sense to you. Thank you for any response, enjoy your sticks.

      • rkje615

        Guess it depends on what kind of cigar you enjoy. I like medium bodied cigars, and this is one of my favorites. Great burn, draw, and flavor, in my mind. Finding a cigar you enjoy for around $2.00 is golden…

  • It means a cigar that isn’t very complex, just good enough to enjoy and burn well. Something you don’t need to pay close attention to, with all kinds of flavor that would be wasted if you can’t devote the time.

  • Mike C

    I hope these are better then the 5 Vegas Golds. I had a robusto today it is was horrible. It started off bitter and then got worse. I can honestly say this is the first cigar I put out half way.

  • ShreveportStogie

    These are some of my personal favorite “for the price cigar”. Not perfect by any way, but excellent for the buck.
    I’ve smoked some $8 sticks that aren’t as good as these.

  • Daniel.A

    great smoke. don’t really tend to go for the milder cigars. i believe this one is a medium though. but i do looovvvee this one. i am looking forward to trying more from 5 vegas. the 5 gold to be precise.

  • bbarber

    Not much for the milder sticks so probably won’t do this one. I am curious about the caramel flavors though so you never know

  • pato1001

    a good simple stick!

  • zanlamb

    Does this stick have any strength to it?

  • eric.hanson

    I remember having this stick like 3 years ago when I was first gettin into cigars and really liking it, then not having another one till I tried one I got in a sampler about 4 months ago and it seemed really plain and kind of boring. It’s not a bad stick for the price but there’s some other 5 Vegas sticks out there that you can get for the same price that are much better IMO.

  • Shovel

    sound like a cigar thats def worth a try. nice price too. great review as always bryan

  • Bigdave

    I found that most of the 5 Vegas line have a loose draw.In particular the Classic and the Gold. Might have something to do with them having a light pack and arnt rolled very tight. I like them.

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