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Bahia Blu Toro Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, April 18, 2009
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Very heavy draw, little smoke. Mild flavor giving slight woody notes with a touch of pepper during the first 1/2, changing to a slightly nutty flavor during the second. Great burn, slow smoke, 1 hour stick. 6×50.

  • Bradinbuffalo

    A great cigar…had one this morning…

  • Thanks for the info!

  • Montyq

    Hey Bryan, I just found your site via your reviews on youtube. I’m new to cigars so your site and vids are great. I was trying to find out more about various cigars but most websites say everything is great because they want you to buy some. No cigar store, online or off is going to say “our cigars suck!”

    Anyway, as a newbie I just got a sampler and the first stick I tried was the Bahia Blu. You’re review is spot on! The mildness was perfect me not having had a “real” cigar in years… but it was very mild. I was interested to see how the burn was as mine was terrible. I wasn’t sure if that was me not toasting/lighting properly or the stick (I guess it was my lighting). I also cut midway through the second cap which was annoying, and I had the thing go out on me more than a few times before I finally figured out that I just had to draw more often. It was strange however that it didn’t start going out on me until well into the 2nd 3rd of the stick. Oh, and you are so right that it gives you dry mouth pretty good as well. Pairs well with a few beers for sure.

    Anyway, I thought it turned out to be a good cigar for a beginner such as myself, and I’m glad this was my first as I apparently made quite a few mistakes (which I knew I would) so I got to “practice” on the right cigar I guess. I’ll take a look but I wonder if you have a video for beginners on here, showing how and wear to cut, the best way to toast the cigar, that sort of thing. Looking forward to exploring your site!

  • Thanks for viewing!!

    Honestly there are so many of the ‘how-to’ videos out there already I just have no interest in repeating the same information as others. Off the top of my head the video section of cigar aficionado has some good beginner stuff to check out – there are tons of others as well. http://www.cigaraficionado.com/Cigar/Free/Video/0,4696,,00.html

    Wow looking back at this video is VERY embarrassing – it was one of the first!

  • Montyq

    Cool, thanks for the link. I’ll check it out.

  • puffrey

    Had a 5 pack of the Bahia Orange label and enjoyed those especially for the price!! Anybody out there tried the Blue and the Oranage for comparitive purposes?

  • Boucher207

    I picked up a Bahia Red Maduro. Cant wait to try it.

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