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Rocky Patel R4 Habana Robusto Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, April 1, 2009
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This is a very enjoyable medium bodied smoke, giving a woody solid flavor with a little pepper and spice with a slight oil texture and long finish. A great everyday cigar for me.

  • John Halliday

    I agree with just about everything on the R4 review,except for, it would be more of a rotation cigar than an everyday stick for me. Good review, someday try a Torano 1916 Cameroon. It’s pretty tasty though it might be a little mild for you. Does your wife make you smoke outside? I notice you do your videos on what looks like might be your porch.I’m a musician with a reconverted bedroom recording studio and thats where I’m assigned to smoke my stuff!!

    • No she doesn’t, I don’t like to smoke indoors anyway. Even if I’m out at a bar I like it ventilated or outside. Thanks!

  • Krieg

    Great review Brian, I thought about getting the RP R4s after seeing them on special on the internet site somewhere. They seem to have a great price but I wasn’t too sure if they would be a good smoke or not. After seeing your video, I will definitley be picking some up. I really like Rocky Patels, have you ever met him? I met him once and got his autograph, he also gave me a RP Reniasance box.

    ps. Have you tried the Winder 2009 blend ?

    • No I have not met him yet, but I would like to 🙂 I have the Winter 2009 Blend but have not tried it yet, it’s on the list 🙂 Thanks!

  • Krieg

    I hope you enjoy the Winter blend, IMO, it’s alot better than the Summer 2008. The RP Reniasance is also a great smoke. I haven’t been ablt to find alot of places that sell this one online yet, I have been buying them from my local B&M.

  • Mark T

    I enjoy the R4. The corojo is very creamy to me and I really enjoy it. Thanks for the review.

  • Jeff989

    The first one of these i smoked had absolutely horrible burn issues it was the worst smoking cigar i have ever had, and it was extremely bitter and just disgusting. i was about to give them all away, well i kept them and about 1 year later i dug one out and decided to smoke it.. it was fantastic! definitely going to get more, the flavors were fantastic! i dont know if i got a bad one or if it was still very young. all that ive smoked after that first one were great and i loved them.. plus its nice that they can be had for 2 bucks or less a stick

  • BCamara

    The price is definitely right, and with some age you can’t go wrong. I have two of these that I’ll wait a few months before having one. I find these more economical sticks need alot more rest than other premiums.

  • lazyboy

    So I’ve been buying a lot of cigars here lately looking for a cheap alternate everyday kickin around kinda smoke. I just broke into a mazo of 20 of these r4’s. I got the corojo wrapper torpedoes at a steal on cbid for bout a $1.50 a piece. Gotta say there not to bad. Just what I was lookin for. A good smoke that I won’t feel guilty about puttin down a lil early. Ya know how sometimes you bought that $12 stick where half way threw u just ain’t feelin it any more but your like damn I paid $12 bucks for it I gotta finish it. Well with these if something comes up half way it’s no biggie. I’m a big rocky fan and these are pretty darn decent for the price. I love finding another cheap alt to put in rotation.

    • lazyboy

      Just an observation on these corojo wrappers.. Gotta be some of the vainiest wrappers I’ve seen. ( is that even a word?? Vainiest. You know what I mean.

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