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Rocky Patel Decade Robusto Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, March 30, 2009
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This was a very nice medium bodied, woody, earthy 5×50 smoke with a slightly sweet dried fruit note. Very smooth and cool, the smoke was rich and thick. It has a perfect draw and burn from beginning to end. Available as a cosmetic factory second called X-Out Liga “D”.

  • Krieg

    you smoked the Decade Robusto in 30min? I usually take about 45min – hour to smoke a robusto. Try not to get the cigar too hot. I wonder if the cigar would have tasted differently if you slowed down a little.

  • No, I said I was at 30 min as seen in the vid at the band point. It took over 45 to the nub when I finished. It stayed relatively cool all the way through, and it was not rushed in any way.

  • John Halliday

    I love a Rocky Connecticut and his R4’s are a very nice smoke. Would be interested in your opinion on the R4.

  • The R4 is on my list, I can certainly make it my next review!

  • Robert

    I have followed your website since you started it. I think you are doing a fantastic job especially since the reviews are not too long. They are quick and to the point. Excellent job!

    I have never tried this RP but i think i will give it a try.

  • Robert

    Oh, and 1 more thing, i totally agree with you about H. UPMANN’s. They are my favorites for the same reason you noted. CONSISTENCY.

  • Thank you very much, I appreciate it 🙂 These are my first ever vids, so I’m learning as I go along, what works best. Hopefully each one is a little better than the last 😉

  • very nice review…looks like a must try stick

  • Matt Rendall

    I smoked the lonsdale version of this stick a few weeks ago. I found it quite spicy, with an extremely long finish. The finish was way too long for me, to the point where i couldn’t taste the smoke, only the finish. This sounds drastically different than your experience. Could the size difference really make that big of a difference?

  • JP

    …Just smoked one of these Robustos on Christmas day. A very tasty cigar, single handedly the nicest looking wrapper I’ve had on one of my smokes also (smoker for only about 3 years)

    And it tasted good the whole way, didn’t get bitter at all. These things beat out some Cuban’s ratings and they don’t run any where NEAR Cuban prices. I’ve got a Toro and can’t wait to light it up!!!

    Big Request here, BRIAN: Please can you do a review on the Rocky Patel 1961?? I’ve been dying to see you review one! Hope you have a good New Years!!

  • I just smoked the R.P Decade Torpedo; and the smoke out-put was enormous ,medium to full flavor , construction and draw almost perfect and it took me 2 hours to finish. The down-side is it burned un-even and the ash was very flaky and flowered continually which really turned me off. Bryan maybe the Robusto burned even but the torpedo surely did not. I prefer the R.P Connecticut.

  • TonyND

    I just smoked the Toro last week. The first draw had a hint of sweetness and nutty taste, smoke out-put was fair. However, the burn was uneven, and I had to relight no less than three times, which really killed the experience. Did I do something wrong?

  • ryanmo45

    The best RP i have had so far. Helluva smoke. I havent had a whole lot of rockys though. The R4 is one of my everyday smokes.

  • Eyeluvwied

    Woah, you have hair, and muscles.

  • lbrinson0002

    Bryan whats the story of the box pressed cigars and why do they do it?

    • Originally it was so they wouldn’t roll off tables but now it’s just marketing.

  • lbrinson0002

    thanks, very interesting. Always great insights.

  • The new guy

    Bryan, I am having a rough time trying to find a lighter like that. What kind is it and what would you call it? a double natural flame? Ive tried so many searches and nothing 🙁

  • ggman1023

    Just smoked one of these last night! Great smoke! always one of my go to smokes! i seen the review a while back and tried one then i was hooked! thanks bryan!

  • david121

    I always look for packs of these, I first got one from your premium sampler, and has made a solid spot for itself in my favorites list

  • swj045

    smoked one last week,a really nice cigar.out of the few r.p. that i have smoked I think the sungrown is the leader.

  • Kace

    Lol. Love the still pic for this review. Looks like that stogie is hitting the spot. This will be my evening delight tonight.

  • Kace

    I am smoking a torpedo in this cigar right now and watching the review. It’s very nice. I picked up a couple of these in Robusto as well.

  • I smoked this as a celebration cigar. My Cardinals are going to the ship! Had to celebrate with one of my favorites.

  • Dirk

    Good review as usual.. I watched this first about a year ago.. and subsequently bought a sampler that contained a couple of these sticks in Toro. Having them rest for about 10 months and finding them again, I decided today is the day.. I would have to agree Rocky has very well made cigars.. this transitioned well from dry to coco.. hints of hazelnut and a slight pepper and earthy finish that got better thoughout the stick. I am a big fan of the Vintage 92 and find this a close second to the OWR. Closing with this being a must at least a 5 pack in the humidor.. next will be the robusto for me.. noting this stick went an hour and 20 minutes.

  • mantisdgaf

    iv had two decades in my humidor for the last 3-4 months. I’m finally going to break one out today for my birthday. iv watched this review (along with others of yours) numerous times. Ever time I see this review It takes every thing I have to not break them out and smoke them. Today is the day thought!

  • You’ve said before that the robusto is the best in this. I now agree. I have had problems before with the larger sizes burning weird or going out. Smoked a robusto today, had no issues.

  • lazyboy

    This is one of my favorites. To bad I can’t afford to have them as much as I’d like. When I do get them they sit for quite a while in the humi. Only pull em out when I know I’ll have an hour of complete relaxation with no interruptions. The rocky private cellar is also a new fav. Love to see a review on that one as well.

  • MorganGeo

    Having this one tonight that I scored from my winnings of cigar lottery 12. 🙂 Very nice. My first RP and I am stocked to try some more.

  • nklopfer

    My girlfriend loves these,I believe it’s because of the easy draw.

  • TacticalStogie

    This is a fav for me. One of the best things going right now!!

  • Buffalo Trace

    I smoked my 1st Rocky last nite, this Decade that came in the Delicious Dozen from CI. Wat a let down. A couple problems right from the start. Using a CC Perfect Cutter taking 1 snip the cap fell apart. There was several small pieces that came undone, I tried to lick them in place but after about an inch in they wouldnt stick and was goofing up the draw so I removed them. Actually it looked as though the cap was repaired with several small pieces. After getting down to the binder the draw was better and the taste was nice. Then bout the 1st band point it started going out, many times, I lost track of how many times I had to relight it. Performance was bad, taste was good. Theres still 2 more of these in the sampler so Im hoping this was just a bad example and will hold my finale judgment.

    • Rex Stoops

      The 2nd Decade Ive smoked burned ok, only had to relight it once. Cap was fine.

  • Jason Higgins

    I think this stick is best in the Tubo. Not fond of the pressed. Sure is tasty though.

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