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Perdomo Lot 23 Toro Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, March 23, 2009
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This is an average looking chocolate brown smoke, producing a good amount of mild-medium bodied flavor with a great draw. Overall flavor profile was toasty and smooth with hints of pepper and fruit.

  • Bradinbuffalo

    Another great stogie, also had this today…

  • jamie briggs

    lol. you crack me up with this review. i have this cigar coming in the mail from a sampler pack. im guessing this would be a good one to give to a buddy as a “starter” cigar.

  • Joshua

    I enjoyed this cigar immensely. Really taken a liking to the Lot 23s, especially the toros.

  • CliffJohnston

    I agreed with this review when it came out. I have had a box of these resting in the humidor for over a month and believe these do get better with a little time under the right humidity. My opinion is that they do get a little more consistent. I found that the ash did stay on much longer after rest and the flavors were a little more pronounced. The harshness went away as well, took one tonight all the way down to the nub. Thanks again.

  • danlarsen7

    the maduro’s are more complex.

    • david121

      what’re they like?

  • Boston Fireguy

    Late last year I won these (Belicoso Connecticut) at auction by mistake, thinking of a brand with a similar name (Padron). One of the better mistakes I’ve made. Easy draw, consistent flavor and abundant smoke. More then once, while smoking one in public (most recently on a cruise) I’ve had someone come up to me and comment on the nice aroma this cigar gives off.

    Time in the humidor only improves them.

  • david121

    Great review. i think a cigar having fruit flavor is a little strange, and i dont feel like i’d enjoy it. but i guess its worth a try

  • Daniel.A

    i just had this stick. really nice flavors in the beginning and halfway point. had no trouble with the burn. good firm construction.

  • Utahraptor

    Just had one tonight. Had it in my humidor about 3 months. Slow burner. Ash held on for two inches before it fell off. Perfect burn, mild-medium. No transitions. Did not notice any sweetness or fruity flavor. My palatte is not as good at picking up on flavors.

  • My favorite in the Perdomo line so far, though I usually go for the Churchill size.

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