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All About The Humidor

by Bryan Glynn, March 11, 2009
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So you just got a new humidor, and you aren’t sure what to do with it? Well we’re here to help with a quick video! Don’t risk your cigars, make sure you properly season and maintain your humidor! Photography by BG Pictures.

  • Very nice video. I can smell the spanish cedar. Now I must go enjoy a cigar.

  • Adam

    Well done video with instructions on how to do this the right way! Nice job!

  • Greg Zolton II

    Is that a cigar.com bag and pillows I see on that desk? 😉

  • Greg

    NOOO!! Don’t wipe down that humidor – it’ll warp the wood if you wet it down that quickly!! Just put the bowl with water in there and let it sit for a week – it needs time to absorb; any faster, like wiping down, and you risk warping the wood!! After a week of just a bowl of distilled water, the wood will absorb all it can within that week

    • MAC

      Hi there, Bryan IS correct that method is best and does work, I have seasoned my 300 cabinet plus 4 other Humidors that are actively being used in the manner Bryan describes – none warp they never have, the wood is designed for that specific purpose. I have always seasoned/wiped and it has always worked and never warped.(by the way wiping with a damp cloth also helps mop up any excess wood dust) Bryan is also spot on as regards the Digital Hygrometer it is money well spent and will save you in the end. By the way Bryan its only in the last couple months that I have seen your videos absolutely excellent well done I do enjoy them thank you for that and your time, best regards to you Mac PS if you haven’t tried them yet have a go at a DIPLOMATICOS 4 – they are not at all bad and will be better with ageing I feel just like me 😉

  • Tell that to the dozen I’ve wiped down with no warping. I didn’t say soak the wood.

  • Greg

    Most people overdo it; and anyway, what’s the rush? If you do it right, you just saved 3 days; do it wrong and you ruined your humidor’s seal. We wait anywhere between a week to a year or more to age our cigars, what’s 3 or 4 days with just a dish of distilled water?

    • And the flip side of that is, learn to do it right and you save 3 days of needless wait. Hence the whole point of showing it here, correctly.

  • Mikec

    Thanks for the instructions. I just bought a small (10-15) humidor to keep at work, and seasoned it like you described, and it worked just fine (without any warping). I do have a question about storing cigars, should you store cigars with the cellophane wrapper on? Is there a chance that keeping unwrapped cigars that close together will effect the flavor?

  • Dave

    Warping will mostly occur when they inside of the humidor is lined with thin spanishcedar, called veneer, wich is common in low-end models. I say, don’t buy them.
    Even when soaked, a solid full spanishcedar humidor will almost not warp. This is one of the reasons, other than the smell, that humidorbuilders prefer spanishcedar. Warping of wood is effected by the direction of the grains in the wood. Spanishcedar, other than for example oak, is very warpresistant. Take, for example, a steam sauna or wooden hottubs, they are made out of spanishcedar!

  • Jackson

    I’ve watched dozens of your videos, but I have three questions:

    What brand of hygrometer do you recommend?

    Do local cigar shops sell fairly-priced humidors?

    As a recent enthusiast, will a 10-15 stick humidor capacity be two small?

    • I use units called the Little Havana that I found on ebay. You can find decent deals at larger stores but I would shop online for a budget unit. Try cheaphumidors.com. You want to keep you unit as dull as possible so buy appropriately. Cut the stated capacity in 1/2 for a realistic size. If you plan on keeping a box (20-25) get a 50 count humidor.

  • Jackson

    Right on, thanks!

  • Doug O

    I like the video Bryan. I will try it next time I season A new Humi. Question- do you keep your sticks in the cello’s or remove them? My new thing is converting wine refrigerators in to humidors, by lining them with Spanish cedar what are you thoughts on that. I found they work excellent.

    • I take them out, they are for shipping protection and just delay acclimation. Yep – wine coolers are great to use!

  • Doug O

    Yeah it’s a big topic between us in our “cigar club”. I remove them and age them minimum of three months. If I want to send you some cigars to reveiw, do I send them to the adress in the contacts? Also are those the current cigars you have in the humidor section of the sight?

  • Gallagher

    Bryan, thank you so much for the video. I just received my new humidor today. I like the look of my analog hygrometer but I definitely want a digital. Would you recomend buying one online? My only concern is it being damaged by mail-order.

    • I would have no concerns about shipping damage, online is by FAR the best choice for buying some things!

  • Gallagher

    Thanks Bryan. I ended up finding a Xikar digital hygrometer at my local cigar shop. Did the “salt test” and so far so good. I also ordered the Cuban Crafters cigar cutter with the backing plate like you recomended. I have had a problem with some cheapy cutters becoming dull and cutting uneven. I look forward to trying out the Cuban Crafter one. Thanks again, I appreciate the feedback.

  • elquatro1

    Do you only season a Humidor once? Or should you do it once a year? Once every 2 years?

    • Just once unless you stop using it and it dries out.

  • donfens

    how often should you fill your humidifier?

  • gucam22

    im a newbie what kind of humidor do you recomend i really want a glass top with a digital hydrometer do you think thats the best way to go

    • As long as it seals well it’s simply about aesthetics

  • gucam22

    what do you think about the oasis humidifier if i have one of those in my 100 count humidor do i need anything else

  • hvuong2510

    Very nice information Bryan, I just got a humidor yesterday, and just like you said most of the analog hygrometer do not work, so mine is not working as well. Do you need to do the salt test for the digital hygrometer? Thanks

  • HappyTaro

    We talked about this before, but I am going make a ‘coolidor’ this week. I have 3 fully stocked humidors (that are overflowing with stix) and don’t want to spend the extra $$$ on another humidor.

    There is not going to be anything fancy with mine (52qt Coleman cooler, beads, cigar boxes, and Xikar hydrometer), but I researched some ‘coolidors’ and some look really impressive!

  • Rijkstra

    I noticed you didn’t mention propylene glycol. I use a 50% solution to condition my humidors. What are the drawbacks in doing it that way?

    • If you wiped a humidor down with PG solution I would get a new one – you just contaminated it and any cigars that will touch it. PG solution is ONLY for a first time charge of poor humidity control devices like foam blocks, to prevent surface mold on the foam.

      • Rijkstra

        Thanks. I took the advice from a friend who used a root cellar for a walk-in humidor. Fortunately, I have stored my cigars in cellophane and haven’t noticed any contamination. I got rid of my foam blocks and replaced them with 65% beads. I know that PG can damage those beads.

        • PG damages everything – it doesn’t evaporate.

        • HappyTaro

          I also learned the hard way… 50/50 solution is not great (spill it and you’re screwed). Neither is gel (only gives off humidity and doesnt absorb). Foam blocks are the worst (gets moldy). There is Cigar Oasis, but I know little about it. Plus, I dont want to spend $90 on a humidification device. Beads or Bolivia packs I found are the most reliable for humidity control.

          Only thing I dont like about beads is it takes up some real estate in my humidors (coolidor is not problem though since there are a lot of empty pockets). Bolivia packs are great and does not take much room, but they only last about 3 months then you chuck’em.

      • puffrey

        Ive noticed that my foam block started to develop some build up on the wiring but had no idea that this was a common problem until now. It lasted about a year but obviously with it developing fungi I disposed of it and converted to Humipaks.
        Thanks for the info guys, I was so puzzled as to how the block developed the fungi

  • dalealleshouse

    I purchased my humidor about 5 years ago and I never seasoned it. Would it be a good idea to do that now?

    • If it’s been in service, then no, it is already working, you simply seasoned it over a long period of time with your cigars and humidification device.

  • stevenknisley

    So I have watched this video and I have seasoned my humidor but I was wondering which do you prefer the gel crystals or the foam? And what brand in particular?
    Thanks for the great video.

  • USA2ndAmendment

    Awesome review as always. Thanks for clarifying some things for guys like me who don’t know what/who to believe or do.

  • bbarber

    Your method will work ok for quality humnidors…as you say. but even with quality humidors you do stand a chance of “fuzzing” the wood. This may be accepable for some but not so for others. My thought is to let the wood absorb the moisture at its own rate…without force…then add your cigars. Why pay good money for good cigars that you intend to give a little age to and then rush to get them in there within a few hours.

    • Why waste time for no benefit? I’ve used it for many years on many humidors, zero problem. Everyone is of course free to do as they like…

      • bbarber

        Agree…To each their own. But of course my way is best…:-)

  • swj045

    I have a lucky seven humi from thompason,it has kept great humidity around 70%. last week I notice it has droped to around 62
    % Ive added another humidifer and still no improvment.what do I need to do. HELP

  • Magicshark13

    Thanks so much for this video. MY sister just bought me a new humidor and i am so excited to start using it

  • garlar10

    Hey has anyone tried the cigar jars? They look pretty fool proof but the reviews seem mixed on them. Just wondering if anyone has had any success with those? Thanks

  • Boucher207

    I seasoned mine with distilled water and a slightly damp sponge, it worked perfectly, i also bought some 70% humi beads from Heartfelt and i have to say they do a perfect job. Great company and very fast shipping. My humidor varies a little but it never falls below 69% or goes above 73% so the beads must be doing the trick. Id recomend them to anyone.

  • TigerToThe

    I have ordered a humidor and cigar heads and was wondering about spraying the humidity beads. Do I wet them through the stocking? And is it okay to place the stocking right on the humidor or should I out something underneath. Any advice would help. Thanks.

  • lazyboy

    So Ive been watching your reviews for a couple years now. But just reacently watched this video since Im purchasing a new Humi, and havent set one up in a long while,great vid as always but I gotta tell you I was laughing a bit. You didnt seem your laid back normal self in this. Almost a little awkard in a funny way. I assume it was one of the first to go up here and maybe not as comfy in front of the camera, I dont know. Either way great job and keep em comming.

    • lol yep we’re goin WAY back for this one man! I was more testing things out with recording and editing more than anything 🙂

  • Bigdave

    I won an Old World Humidor from Cigardbid and it arrived a few days ago. Its still going thru the break in process. Got a few more days left.

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